Touch & Flow

with Jorge Aquista

(Barcelona / Berlin)

 Workshop / weekend – The art of improvisation in movement

Improvisation is the art of shaping the chaos.

Let yourself go.  Flow, regardless of your inner ups and downs. Follow the wisdom of your learning body.

Are you driftwood or swimmer in the sea of senses?

Taking part in this workshop means to dive deep into this flowing river, to think with your moving body and to make your mind dance. „Historias en movimiento“, mastered by Jorge, will be deeply relaxing and highly activating at the very same time.

„Touch & Flow“ will enable you to transfer the experiences to different aspects of your life.

This is why this workshop is open to anyone who feels an inner echo when reading these words.

Jorge Aquista

My art is to move the things that move you. There is no official name for my artistic work. Sometimes I’m more of an actor, sometimes a director, sometimes a trainer. And always in love with Expressive Dance. Even though many people may feel that my work is very beneficial for them: I’m definitely not a therapist. I’m an artist. Infact, I have been working with people for over 40 years and my artistic events have received a lot of response. It means an incredible fun to me to create magical moods. I simply love to make people experience their creative potentials.

Call it whatever you want: My skill is to shape your flow. This is my art. This is my gift.

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