Terms of Service

The registration contract is concluded by agreement of the registration form. Two weeks before the start of the event a withdrawal with refund is no longer possible and the total fee is due, in case of previous withdrawal € 15.- handling fee will be deducted.
For foreign and annual events (training, annual group, etc.), a withdrawal with a refund one month before the start is no longer possible and the total fee is due, in case of previous resignation € 30.- handling fee will be deducted.

For the duration of the workshop, seminar or training and the stay in the event rooms, the participant assures himself. By signing up, you take full responsibility for yourself and for your actions, especially if third parties or things should be damaged.
For damage to property and health, the lecturers and organizers are not liable.
The causer is liable for damage to the room and the property.

In case of event cancellation in Germany and/or abroad, we assume no liability for the costs incurred such as flight and accommodation costs. Texts, sound, image and film produced during the event are Jorge Aquista’s property.
In the event of illness or force majeure, the event may be continued by a substitute lecturer or postponed to a replacement appointment. Jurisdiction is Berlin.

By registering and / or participating in our events, you declare that you have read and understood the terms and conditions of the registration and you agree.